The Other Wedding DJ – Chris Ward




Hi, my name is Chris Ward and I love music.

I’ve been a touring drummer for the last decade with Pattern is Movement. I’ve had the pleasure to share the stage with artists like The Roots, St. Vincent, Dirty Projectors, Shabazz Palaces and tour all around the world. I’ve also been booking shows for years at Philly’s own Johnny Brenda’s. My life revolves around music and that is why I love to DJ.


You might wonder – what makes me The Other Wedding DJ?

Well, I’m not your traditional wedding DJ. I won’t be playing ‘The Electric Slide’ nor will I be bringing any props (see: inflatable guitars, saxes, etc) with me. The way I see it, I’m just hosting the best dance party you’ve ever been to and it just so happens to be your wedding. What does that look like? I’ll be spinning Motown, Madonna as well as TLC, Prince and Beyoncé just to name a few. All of my years of listening to and performing music has helped me hone the ability to read a crowd and when I’m spinning a wedding – my focus is to get and keep the party going.


So, when you hire me, you’ll get a DJ who is emotionally invested in your day. We’ll work together to figure out the songs you’ve got to hear on that special day as well the ones you do not want played. My job is to get everyone dancing from your Grandma to your best friend and I take that responsibility seriously!

Chris was incredible!! We knew that we wanted to work for with him for our wedding immediately when we he said, “I’m not the traditional wedding DJ.” He sat down with us and we discussed the kinds of music we like, anything we definitely wanted to hear, anything we explicitly did not want to hear. He is insightful, kind, and a musician’s musician who can speak to the masses. Our parents were a little nervous because he’s not a traditional wedding DJ, but they couldn’t stop talking about how great he was. And their friends were talking about the music for months after.

His rates are fair and worth every bit! His communication skills – before, during, and after – gave us great confidence in his professionalism. Chris is a very talented, focused, and professional person.

(Did I mention our parents love him?)

– Dan L.


Chris was the DJ at my wedding and absolutely killed it! My wife and I wanted lots of dancing but we knew that might be a challenge since many of our family members just historically do not dance at weddings. Well Chris turned that notion right on it’s head! In no time, he had a span of generations up on the floor having an amazing time together. He played a perfect mix of classic and new jams without alienating older folks or making young ones dismiss anything as corny. There were literally so many people jumping up at one point, there was legitimate concern the floor could cave in. It was truly magical and memorable, and so many people made a point of telling us as much after.I can’t recommend Chris enough for a wedding or any other event. He loves what he does and has a true talent for connecting people through music.
Further, he made everything super easy for us and pitched in with extra work beyond what we even agreed to. Great guy and a total pro!

– Nick A.


My wife and I chose Mr. DJ Chris Ward to provide the soundtrack to our wedding reception. I am a musician and my wife is a filmmaker so the crowd at our wedding was mostly young artists and musicians. DJ Chris Ward absolutely slayed it. Years later, our friends continue to talk about how fun the dance party at our wedding was. In fact, I recently attended the wedding of a friend who hired DJ Chris Ward based on his experience at our wedding and I don’t think I’ve ever danced more at a friend’s wedding. Every time I decided to sit a tune out, I found it simply impossible… If your wedding (or party of any kind) is going to include a lot of your friends ( and not too many crotchety aunties and uncles) and you want a dance party that everyone will actually remember, look no further.

– Kyle W.


Chris did an amazing job DJing our wedding. We were both very pleased by his mix of deep tracks and popular tracks and tracks we specifically requested. Everyone danced. Good times. Chris is a pro

– Elliott S.


After attending a friend’s reception DJed by Chris, he was at the top of the list for my own wedding. He was very professional and personable, got to know us and what we wanted in terms of the music, and did a fantastic job. He promised an epic dance party, and that’s what we got. Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding, which is exactly what you want at your own, and the music was a big part of that. Highly recommended. Thanks, Chris!

– Eric S.


Chris was the perfect DJ for our wedding in every way. Our first face-to-face meeting with him helped us envision and lay out the night — which we needed because we did not have a wedding planner. Our wedding moved through three different spaces and had five different musical moments (pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktails, dinner/music/toasts, and reception). Chris got a sense of our tastes and recommended and played the perfect complements at each stage. Chris also went to the venue to figure out the sound system and took care of renting any extra equipment that we needed. The night went flawlessly. Chris’s DJing is an art that he takes seriously and executes masterfully. We recommend him for any event without hesitation.

-Alison B.


Five stars all the way for Chris. I knew from the moment we booked him that he would be a perfect DJ for our wedding. He’s super professional, knowledgeable, and has great taste – all important traits for a wedding DJ to possess. I give him so much credit for our wedding being as fun as it was. He kept things moving perfectly all night. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants their wedding to be the fun party it’s supposed to be!

-Megan A.


Chris was the perfect DJ for my wife and I’s wedding. He was able to mix in all of the special songs my wife and I handpicked while keeping true to his own style and flow. Besides the handful of songs my wife and I selected, we let Chris have all creative control and do his thing. It was so amazing to have music that got everyone up and dancing, including all of our older relatives. Wedding planning can be extremely stressful, so being able to trust Chris with the keys to the soundtrack was such a relief. A true professional at what he does!

-Tommy M.


Chris DJed at a close friend’s wedding and I knew immediately I wanted him at ours. He takes great care in sitting with you (the couple) and making sure you get to hear all of what you want to hear, and none of what you don’t (very very important). He also isn’t shy about telling you when the songs you choose just don’t work for dancing, but could work during dinner. And his #1 goal is to make sure everyone goes home remembering that they went to a killer party that happened to also be a wedding. I would highly recommend Chris ’til the end of time, a shame we can’t have him DJ a party for us every weekend 🙂

-Tom F.


My wife and i have lived in philadelphia for many years and have known chris as a musician and someone with impeccable musical taste which is why when we were married last year we asked him to DJ our wedding and were thrilled that he was able to make it happen. to begin with, he was really easy to work with over email and had a great checklist for us so that he knew exactly what we wanted, was receptive to our song requests and easily worked them into his super fun set. our venue was a private outdoor space and was a DIY affair and chris handled working with everyone with total professionalism – coordinating with the live musicians who played an early set, moving the PA for our ceremony and then quickly getting it set up in time for the reception (nice one!) and generally being a friendly and easygoing presence on such an intense day.
most importantly though, with our family and friends comprised of jazz musicians and pretentious music snobs, the last thing we wanted was a typical wedding DJ and chris was anything but, delivering 100% on his promise of being “the other wedding DJ”!

-Brian H.


Outstanding. Months in advance, Chris worked with us to plan the perfect atmosphere of music for our wedding. From the first email through our goodbyes after our wedding, Chris was kind, thoughtful, creative, intuitive, and dedicated. If you’re looking for someone to strictly stick to a list of songs that you want to hear, Chris is NOT the DJ for you. If you’re looking for someone who has a deep understanding of rhythm, excellent music, and how to read a room, then Chris IS the DJ for you. What does this mean? Imagine you’re at a wedding and you’ve just eaten dinner. Now, imagine immediately dancing to the hottest Bruno Mars song. Kind of a rough adjustment, right? Maybe something a little lighter yet still dancy would be better to ease you and the other guests back into dancing. Do you know what the right song for that moment is? Chris does. At many other weddings I’ve attended, I’ve had the jolting experience described. When preparing for our wedding, Chris explained to us these types of nuances that he considers before and during the event. A significant reason for our decision to hire Chris was in fact his keen sense of having a pulse on the room. To that end, we didn’t give Chris any strict instructions on which music to play during the reception. That’s how much we trusted him. Chris was in complete control of the room. And was it a success? During and after the wedding, our guests lauded (mainly) two things: the toasts and the music. We’re grateful that Chris was with us during our wedding and extend for him our highest recommendations.

– Michael L.


We had Chris DJ our wedding last month in Philly and we couldn’t be happier with his work. As soon as we met with him we knew we wanted him to be our DJ. He worked with us to figure out what our music tastes are and any special songs we had and put together an awesome night of music. He got everybody dancing from the kids to the older folks, everyone had an awesome time. Chris was also easy to work with and communicated well with us. He also did the music for our ceremony, everything went 100% smoothly and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We definitely recommend him!

– Sean M.


I have the great fortune of knowing Chris for years through the Philly music scene and his monthly DJ nights. When my wife and I decided to get married, there was no question in my mind who we wanted to be in charge of the music.
Months before the event, Chris sat down with us and we went over a list of songs we would like to hear, and, more importantly, songs we do not want to hear. His thoughtfulness and professionalism during this meeting reinforced my trust in him with the responsibility. Based on his experience, he laid out how he believes the music should flow throughout the evening: from laid back dinner music, to Motown for the older generation, to some hip-hop later in the evening for the younger people. This worked perfectly. My wife and I barely left the dance floor after dinner, and he got all of our friends boogying by the end of the night. Weddings can be stressful events, and ours was no different. But thanks to Chris, we were eventually able to let all of that go and truly enjoy the company of our family and friends on the dance floor that night.

-Martin S.

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